The Dos & Don’ts of Watch Winders: Why You Might Need A Watch Winder

The main difference between modern automatic watches and classic ones is the simplification of calendar displays. If you are someone who owns a modern watch you probably have no difficulty winding it. However, watch collectors with more complex calendar display watches are dependent on a winder to set their devices. Many models can wind multiple watches at the same time, each according to its specifications.

Watches with perpetual calendars or moon-phase displays are maybe a bit challenging to set regularly. These types of calendars require a certain sequence of pushers manipulated to be set accurately. So it is important to take your time when winding your watches. Furthermore, manual winding puts wear and tear on your watch that it doesn’t receive when wound via a watch winder.

As a watch enthusiast, you worry that a watch winder is an expensive treat. But a winder is an amazing tool to lengthen the time between maintenance visits to the manufacturer. Luxury timepiece devices are usually sent to its manufacturer since most of them cannot be serviced by local jewellers. It is an important fact to keep in mind that manufacturer repairs are both lengthy and costly. The optimum solution to avoid such situations is simply spending less time winding your watch manually but with a winder.

For all watch lovers, there is nothing quite satisfying as letting a winder do wonders with your vintage collection. If you own a vintage Rolex, for example, that is dated back before 1950’s you probably know that those watches do not have quick-set variety. Quick-set variety has first been introduced in 1950 and only became popular in the late 1970s. Non-quick-set variety means once your watch has stopped you can adjust time only by waiting many days until you get to the correct date and depending on the month.

Your watch winder can safeguard the timepiece you adore greatly so that maybe one day it will be something to pass down to your loved ones as an heirloom. Regardless of the situation, a watch winder will keep the high- end watches that you spent time on choosing and caring in the safest and most beautiful surroundings. Well, just another reason for rethinking your winder needs...