Television Advertisement Announcement

Rapport London has a brand-new connected television advertisement coming out today in the United States. It’s short but sweet, and we like to think it encapsulates just a tiny part of how those watches we put on our wrists can surprisingly affect other people's lives as well.

We all have that one friend who is late to everything, the last one to leave the house, the one who missed his bus or the one who's always late to work. You’d think they’d learn the lesson right? It’s these friends we shine a light on in our advert, as being a business for over 100 years we know a thing or two about what makes a good friend, as one of the best parts about friendships is how they will always be there for you, particularly when you need them.

That's why watches are so important to us, we not only like them for their aesthetic but also for their reliability. Whether it's making sure your watch is always winded or keeping it intact and in good working order, that finely-tuned instrument on your wrist also helps you to be a good friend.

That’s why at Rapport, we help you keep time when it counts.