Received a Gold Piece of Jewellery for Christmas?

Taking care of your new jewellery pieces can feel daunting, however, at Rapport, we take pride in knowing that our products are designed to keep your pieces safe. Whether you have received a gold jewellery piece for Christmas or already have a collection of your own, Rapport's jewellery boxes and cases have been expertly crafted to store everything from cufflinks and rings to necklaces and watches. All our jewellery boxes are designed with the most luxurious person in mind. They have each been expertly crafted and wrapped in genuine leather for a splendidly opulent finish. In this blog, we mention some of our favourite and best-selling jewellery boxes that we recommend for you to choose from.


The Jessica is a wonderfully elegant jewellery box, ideally suited to a luxurious woman with an exquisite jewellery collection. Wrapped in beautifully soft leather and available in three gorgeous colours; turquoise, pink and beige to fit all personal styles. This spectacular jewellery box has two storage layers for storing and organising your precious jewellery pieces. Inside, the box has a soft suede lining and is filled with multiple compartments to organise your jewellery. Finished with complimentary silver fitments and a lock and key.


Are you looking for a piece perfect for storing your jewellery whilst travelling? The Amour Deluxe Jewellery Trunk is a beautiful choice and makes for an expert travel partner. Crafted from the finest materials, this trunk is sure to be a timeless piece. The exterior is constructed from faux leather, with a subtle stitched design with a beautifully engraved gold clasp and handles. The interior is lined with premium velvet and comes with a removable jewellery tray. With multiple compartments and an open drawer, it's ideal for storing your treasured jewellery pieces in style.


For the perfect place to store a wonderfully extensive collection of jewellery pieces, we would recommend The Aura Large Jewellery Box. This one has been luxuriously designed with the most grandeur user in mind. The exterior has been wrapped in premium smooth leather with an intricately quilted suede lining in the interior. This jewellery box features multiple drawers and compartments to make storing and organising your most precious pieces a stress-free experience. Perfect for sitting proudly on the top of a dressing table, easily accessible for the owner to pick and choose which jewels they would like to wear next. The soft suede interior keeps the pieces from any scratches, providing the person with a space that has been made to make sure each piece will last a lifetime.