Lionel Messi and the World Cup Champions' Watch Collection

When thinking about the World Cup, many of us remember warm days fixed to the TV with our fingers crossed, hoping our team makes it to the finals. However, this time everything was different - we saw one of the favourites get beaten by Saudi Arabia and Morocco became the first country from Africa to reach the semifinals. Let us all embrace the World Champions' look and get into the spirit of the World Cup.


Image from Jacob & Co



We are fortunate to have the privilege of living and witnessing the final World Cup of the legendary Lionel Messi - the Captain of Argentina and arguably the greatest football player of all time. His watch collection is a testament to his success, from having his own released watch from Jacob & Co. Epic X Chrono Messi, limited to only 180 pieces, he can happily never say he isn’t on time. Messi has also been spotted wearing a Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph in rose gold, a beautiful and unique self-winding watch with an even more impressive back, which shows some of its impressive mechanical parts. To add to the already extensive list, he also has a Rolex Submariner with an exotic blue dial and bezel factory set with 27 blue baguette sapphires and 11 diamonds at the hour markers.


Image from Hublot



Fortunately, it’s not just the Captain that has an impressive watch collection as his middleman, attacking midfielder Angel Di Maria also has an impressive collection. The timepiece that stands out the most is his Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire. This exquisite timepiece was created in an edition of 500 and boasts a unique transparent resin skeleton dial with titanium screws, crowns, and buckles. The watch's intricate design provides glimpses into its impressive inner workings.

Rolex Daytona Rainbow in rose gold

Image from Rolex



Paulo Dybala, or “La Joya”, is another famed Argentinian striker whose watch collection reflects his nickname - joyous and luxurious. Like Lionel, he’s also the owner of one Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph. However, this isn’t the most impressive watch from his collection, as he also has a Rolex Daytona Rainbow in rose gold, one of the rarest watches in the world, one of the most wanted Rolex and only available to the brand’s best clients.

Banner image from Jacob & Co.