Celebrating International Women's Day

When International Women’s Day arrives on 8 March every year, it gives us a well-timed opportunity to reflect on female accomplishments and the progress that has already been made in attaining gender equality. We would like to play an active part in encouraging business leaders to be proactive in accelerating this goal in the years ahead.

Rapport is a family business, owned and operated by fourth-generation family members Oliver and Matthew Rapport and Katie Goldblatt as the Executive Director. Katie says;
“Companies still run by their founder’s families have a certain magic. Family is one of the strongest institutions in the world, which is what makes it such a great platform for business. Family bonds make for a formidable force in business and together with the embedded goal of longevity, working as a family is a proven formula for success”.

Katie believes that culture, history and heritage are priceless, however we at Rapport strive to remain up-to-date by marrying contemporary and current designs on broadening the appeal to a much wider target.

As a female director in the watch industry – a traditionally male-dominated sector - Katie Goldblatt is inclined to argue that while there is greater representation, there is still work to do.
“There are some notable women who are in positions of authority in the watch industry. Whilst this is a great step towards representation, there is more that can be done to achieve a more diverse boardroom as the vast majority of individuals in a higher power are still men”.

To all the women who are changing the world, thank you for leaving such a great impact.